Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tietgenkollegiet. May '07

The "Tietgenkollegiet" university residential college, designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg, and paid for by the "Nordea Danmark Fund", officially opened last Thursday, May 3rd. If you ever come to Copenhagen, then go and have a look. You won't be disappointed.

Rued Langgaards Vej 10.
2300 Copenhagen S

Homepage "Tietgenkollegiet":


RJO said...

That's a very striking building (beautifully photographed). Can you say a bit more about how the term "residential college" is meant here? Does it mean the same as "dormitory" (essentially the same as a communal apartment building or hostel), or does it mean "college" in the sense of the Oxford and Cambridge University colleges? In other words, is this "residential college" a permanent body of students and faculty (fellows), with a faculty master or president at the head; does the building include a dining room for the college, a small library, and so on? Does it represent a cross-section of the university as a whole?

I maintain a website about residential colleges in this Oxford/Cambridge-sense:

The Dark Roses said...

Here is some info:

6 floors with 360 rooms.
Primarily for Danish students, but 10% of the rooms have been reserved for International students. You have to be a full time student to live there.
Most rooms are between 24 and 33 m2. There are also a few 45m2 rooms (for 2 people).
Each room has its own bathroom.
Telephone and Internet connection. There is community kitchens shared by 12 people.

The ground floor in all 5 blocks holds the common rooms of the Residence Hall – music workshops for rhythmic and classical music, laundry, computer room, common rooms, administration etc.
There's parking in the cellar.

For more specific info, try mailing here:
(you can write in english)

Some more info and pictures in english: