Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Tietgenkollegiet". Still looking good.

It's now one year since the opening of The "Tietgenkollegiet" university residential college.
More info: See post from May '07


Raquel said...

Hi there. My name is Raquel Fernandes. I'm from Portugal and i'm finnishing my graduation in Architecture. Although for my final thesis, I'm doing a research about Student Housing and I was trying to get some information about Tietgenkollegiet. I dont have the chance to go to Norway so I was asking you if you have some information or photos you could provide me, I would appreciate it a lot.
You can send me an email to ;)
Thank you very much

ya-fan Chan said...

Hi~My name is Carol Chan. I am a Ph D student from Taiwan, Asia. And, i also want to live in Tietgenkollegiet. I also collect the information about Tietgenkollegiet. Because the applications form need to write about Tietgenkollegiet. If there is any comment, please, could you write it to me? My mail is